Postdoctoral Fellows:

Seeking opportunities to work in a systems & circuits group that explore the co-design of photonics and electronics? Engage with group members with deep expertise in CMOS electronics, photonics, and lasers? Tape out chips in various silicon photonics, SiN, InP, and CMOS processes, and leverage test and packaging equipment for lasers, electronics and photonics? Please look at the following topics and send me an email with your CV, google scholar profile and a brief statement.
* Electronic and photonic circuits and systems with semiconductor lasers, such as optical PLLs, narrow linewidth lasers, low-noise microwave generation, comb generation, spectroscopy, stabilization.
* Design of next generation high-speed photonic modulators
* Design of high speed driver for photonic modulators
* Do you have a crazy but impactful idea you want to work on in electronics and/or photonics? Propose it in your statement.


Graduate Students:

We currently have openings for at least two graduate students for 2024.

If you are applying for PhD or MASc and would like to work in our group, please list Sudip as a potential supervisor so that he can take a look at your application files. Please also look at our research to evaluate your fit to our group.

Students can be admitted for September/January or even summer sessions. GRE is not required for admission, but TOEFL/IELTS is.

ECE Graduate Admissions


International Undergraduate Summer Internship/Exchange:

If you an international student and wish to intern in our group, please apply here.

MITACS Globalink Research Internship

We ONLY accept undergraduate international interns through the MITACS program.

Undergraduate Research

If you are a UBC undergraduate student and interested in research opportunities in our group, please send Sudip an email with your CV, transcript and interests.